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Разработчик ronny-software
2.7 usd

Do you really get exactly the right amount of wage? Are you quite sure or do you just hope? This App helps to check each salary accounting on it's accuracy - no matter how complicated it might seem. Don't forget: it's your money!!!Does it make you insecure again and again whether the declarations are and if you got paid correctly? If running time and maybe bonus are counted the right way? Do you keep an eye on your trip costs, extra wage and option money? What about your running times?
Would you like to control whether your monthly accounting was counted the right way? Would you like to know anytime at any place if your time account is right? Would you like to retrace anytime at any place for how long you have been working somewhere? In an optional week, month or year? Do you need a diagram about your points of use? Maybe for finance office or just for your own component? Would you like to get an overview about your labor times with only one klick?
This app gives you all this in one: you just have to add the data of your actions (on a daily or weekly basis) – the app is automatically going to do everything else.
You'll get a monthly output to compound with your accounting. Anytime you will be able to print and/ or send statistic overviews of the days, weeks, months and years as PDF. If you have several jobs you can apply several profiles.You are able to provide diverse customers including their addresses as master file data and access to these customer information at any time.From customer information you can directly be forwarded to GoogleMaps navigation at any time.
The handling of this app is quite easily and quickly. Generally 3 clicks should be enough for a new issue whether it’s for a whole week or just for one day.